Our App Universe

  • Our corporate apps dynamically implement workflows for corporate workshops, seminars, training events, sporting events, shareholders meetings and more.....

  • Apps for academia are designed to assist faculty, staff and students overcome logistical challenges of planning, managing, and executing academic activities and events.

  • Our community event apps implement workflows for planning and managing weddings, fashion shows, funerals services, family reunions, and any other social or political events.

  • Our religious community apps enable churches, synagogue, and mosques to plan and manage their sermon workflows.

Our revolutionary PATENT PENDING technology enables businesses and local communities to advertise, plan and manage their events globally in a secured and robust computing environment. 

Our EVENTmate platform embodies event artifacts such as: e-INVITATIONS, e-PROGRAM GUIDE, e-BIBLE, e-HYMNALS, e-PHOTO LIBRARY, e-MESSAGING, e-VENUE LIST, e-THANK YOU CARD, e-RSVP LIST, e-BULLETIN BOARD and much more. The GPS technology will automatically navigate your guests to the various venues where your event activities will be held. The platform is configurable to suite your specific event needs.


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  • Just tell us what your community does and we will build customized workflows for your community to conduct its business.

  • Corporate event planners can customize and implement their desired event workflows within an hour.